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Live tuition classes for all your IOT studies.

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RaspberryPi Experience

Fundamentals of Raspberry Pi

Become familiar with Raspberry Pi, Understand how to work with GPIO pins and external peripherals, Home Automation using Raspberry Pi and much more.

AWS Experience


Get a basic overall understanding of AWS IOT platform, Navigation to the AWS Management Console, Develop Home Automation project using AWS IOT and much more.

Wireless Experience

Wireless Communication

Become a Pro in Wireless Communication. Learn IR, RF, Bluetooth, Xibi, ESP and much more. Lots of hands on to practice. And learn how do we communicate Wirelessly in IOT world.

MQTT Experience

Fundamentals of MQTT

Become familiar with MQTT, Understand how to work with MQTT and Raspberry Pi. Remote control IOT devices using MQTT. And develop lots of projects based on MQTT.

How does it work?

Are you willing to be an IOT Magician? Simply, Contact us and thats it! Rest we'll take care of everything. Kindly check below to know more:

1) At present we are providing all our sessions at a very minimal cost!! So there is nothing for you to lose! Just to gain knowledge and values! We are beginning our first session very soon so hurry up and get registered NOW.

2) We provide nearly Two Months of online crash course on IOT. And we take 4 sessions per week. Each session duration is 1-1.5 hr.

3) Our course starts from the beginner's level and moves to advance IOT projects level. More details you can find under Our Sessions section.

4) All our sessions are live interactive sessions over web conferencing services like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex or Skype.

5) If you are willing to become an IOT magician, we are here for you. Just Contact us and become a part of IMH journey.

6) So what are you waiting for? Such opportunity knocks door only once! Contact us to get registered. We are beginning our first session very soon!

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IOT Magician emerging from you.

Join many people from around the world and learn together.

Live online learning becomes easy and natural.

Take the next step toward your personal and professional goals with us.

In every step during our sessions, we make sure that your logical thinking is moving in right direction. We also make sure that after finishing our live learning course, as we promised, a 'Magician' must emerge from you.

We hope that IOT will become a fun, you'll enjoy all our sessions and we will be able to guide you towards a better carrer path in IOT world.

Good Luck! See you soon in our IMH Live Online Learning Sessions..

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