Om Shanti Dear Divine Soul,
I am Dr. Neelam, practicing my own clinic in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I have been in Baba's Knowledge & practicing Meditation since last more than 5 years.
With Baba's grace & blessings, your love & support, I have been serving my lokik & alokik families by manufacuting 100% chemical free natural products. All these products are specially made with positive energies and in Baba's rememberance. After more than one year of successful feedback & results, I planned to share the same love and positivity to Baba's sweet children like you. All these Baba's products have been made in Baba's Yaad by Baba's special children only.
You can purchase these products for your personal use or you can gift these to your lokik or alokik contacts. These products can be the best Saugat ever, filled with Baba's blessings and wishes.
For any query you can direct contact me at my whatsapp no 8007770967 or can e-mail to me at
  Our base location:
Dr. Neelam Himthani,
Dr. T. K. Gyanchandani Clinic,
One Tree Hills, Bairagarh,
Bhopal, M.P. 462030,
Ph (+91) 8007770967

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