02-02-12          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Now, become an authority of the experience of being an embodiment of remembrance. With volcanic yoga, give everyone the co-operation of the rays of light and might.

Today, BapDada is seeing His small world of souls in front of Him and of everywhere else and is pleased. Although this world is small, it is very lovely because each and every soul of this world is an elevated soul. It is these souls who are a handful out of multimillions. It is these souls who have a right to the Father's inheritance. BapDada is pleased to see every child: each and every child is a king child. BapDada has made each child one who has a right to self-sovereignty and a right to the sovereignty of the world. At this time, all are those who have self-sovereignty, that is, they are the kings of the mind, intellect, sanskars and the physical senses. You are not influenced by the senses. You are also masters of your minds. In the same way, does each one of you children consider yourself to be a master of the mind and also a master of your sanskars? It is not that sometimes you are the master of your mind and sometimes your mind is your master, is it? You say, "My mind"; you do not say, "I, the mind". So, you are the master of that which belongs to you. Check that the mind does not become the master sometimes. At this time, BapDada has seated each one on the seat of those who have a right to self-sovereignty. You are self-sovereigns at the present time and the future kingdom is yours anyway. You have a right to double sovereignty. BapDada is seeing that, together with having a right to self-sovereignty, every child also has self-respect. So, sit with the awareness, "I am a soul with self-respect", and you will see how such a long list of titles of self-respect comes in front of you. A garland of many types of self-respect comes in front of you, does it not?

BapDada has garlanded every child with a garland of self-respect. As soon as you hear of the word "˜self-respect', the different titles of self-respect come into your awareness, do they not? Just remember how great your self-respect is in the eternal form. Have you gone into your eternal form? Each one's self-respect is: I am a sparkling soul with the Father. Because of having the Father's company, you are especial sparkling souls. Can you see that? In the sky, too, some stars have a special sparkle. In the same way, because of being with the Father, you are sparkling souls. Do you remember your eternal form? Can you stabilise yourself in your eternal form in a second? Now, stabilise yourself in that eternal form in a second, for one second. You become so intoxicated! Now move forward; you have now come to the beginning of the world cycle. Perform this drill: See your form at the beginning of the golden age. It is such an elevated form: An embodiment of happiness. It is a form of being an embodiment of all attainments. There is no name or trace of sorrow. Even the elements are beautiful and satoguni. Just experience your deity form! Can you see your own form? Whether someone is a king, a great soul or a politician, have you seen anyone who is an embodiment of all attainments? So, stabilise yourself in your deity form for a second. You enjoy being in your self-respect, do you not? I am a deity": BapDada is conducting this drill. Then, come down - which age is it? In the copper age, too, your self-respect is of being worthy of worship. Your form is worthy of worship. Can you see your worthy of worship form? Everyone worships you with so much devotion and discipline. No one else is worshipped with such discipline. Whether someone is the founder of a religion, a guru, a politician or an actor, no one else is worshipped with such discipline. So, did you see your self-respect? Did you experience it? Now, come to the confluence age. Are all of you going around the cycle?

Are those who are sitting at the back going around the cycle? Raise your hands! Look at your self-respect, because you are those who have a right to self-sovereignty, are you not? At the confluence age, God Himself, the Master Himself, fills the lives of you children with the speciality of purity. This purity is the mine of all types of imperishable happiness. Who made you become this? God Himself! Even now, you have received as practical proof the property of purity from the Father. Now, check! Purity is the basis of all attainments. All of you have become master almighty authorities through purity. So check: Have I attained all powers? Some children say: The Father has given all the powers, but the power that we need sometimes comes a little time later; it comes when the situation is over. What is the reason for that? The Father gave it to you as a blessing but, in spite of that, it doesn't come to you at the time of need. What is the reason for that? You are not seated on the seat of the awareness of being a master almighty authority. An order is only obeyed when it is given by someone seated on the seat of his position. Whenever you order any power, first check: Am I seated on the seat of awareness? Am I seated on the seat of self-respect? Stabilise yourself on the seat of awareness and all the powers are bound to come to you at the time of need because the Almighty Authority Father has made you into master almighty authorities. So, you are moving along while having imbibed such powerful self-respect, are you not? Have you seen your self-respect? Where will you go after the confluence age? You will be on the return journey, will you not? This is why BapDada wants each one of you to continue to perform this exercise throughout the day. Make time for this again and again. By garlanding you with the garland of self-respect and by your experiencing it, BapDada has given you a right to self-sovereignty. Therefore, it is not possible that that self-respect would not obey your orders. Simply remain seated on your seat.

BapDada saw that everyone does pay attention, but now, set your daily timetable on a regular basis. Every now and then, stabilise yourself in the form of the awareness of your self-respect. For instance, just as you do traffic control, in the same way, for the awareness of self-respect, fix a time regular time in your routine to have the awareness from the beginning period till the return journey. You can do this while walking and moving around because it is only your mind that you have to sit on the seat. BapDada saw and you were told earlier too that all of you do have yoga, but what is needed now? Seeing the conditions of the delicate times, you were also told earlier that volcanic yoga which will do double the work is needed now. Firstly, you will be able to cremate your old sanskars. At present, you kill your sanskars, but you do not burn them.

Even after killing them, they sometimes awaken. Just as Ravan is not just killed, but also burnt, in the same way, you have to cremate your old sanskars, which, every now and again, reduce your intense effort. For this, you need to have volcanic yoga. Firstly, for yourself. Through volcanic yoga you become a form of light and might and secondly, because you are in that form, you can give others co-operation through your rays. So, now, have you all transformed your yoga into volcanic yoga? Now, according to the time, all souls need your co-operation.

At amrit vela, BapDada gives love to every child. BapDada sees that you keep a very good aim and you also maintain courage. However much attention you have at amrit vela reduces during the day. What is the reason for this? When you are engaged in performing action, and you do have to perform actions as a karma yogi, there is a difference. You are not those who simply have yoga, but you are those who have a yogi life.

A life is for all time, not only sometimes. So, what does BapDada want now? Generally, many of you have passed in the subject of love. In the subject of love, the Father saw that the majority of you experience love by saying "My Baba, my Baba". The majority of you have passed in the subject of love. What do you have to pass in now? In becoming equal to the Father. What do all of you want? Do all of you want to become equal to the Father or will the Father remain the Father and you are just the children? So, you will have to become equal to the Father. What does it mean to have love? It means you definitely have to do what the person you love tells you. All of you love the Father and the Father loves you; if so raise your hands! You have love? Good. So, now, just as you have love, BapDada wants you to have the aim of becoming equal to the Father. Raise your hands for this! You have this faith and you raise your hands very well too. BapDada is seeing this.

BapDada wants each and every child to be visible as one who is happy and has the fortune of happiness through your face and activity, because, according to the time, your face will do a lot of service. There will be a need for this. BapDada wants you to keep the aim for this from now. As it is now the Platinum Jubilee, everyone has the zeal and enthusiasm to do service. In the same way, you should have the enthusiasm to serve through your face because, day by day, delicate times are definitely going to come. At such a time, your face should make souls cheerful.

Today, BapDada toured around at amrit vela. What did He see? You all sit with your own interest, but the greatest authority of all is the authority of your own experience. Baba saw that you sit, but you have to be an authority of experience. You sit with that awareness, but you should experience being an embodiment of that awareness. You experience the bliss of being an authority of experience for a short time. You think that you are seated on BapDada's heart-throne, but to experience yourself as an embodiment of that awareness and be lost in that experience: this has to be increased even more because the authority of experience is the greatest authority of all. To remain as an embodiment of awareness is said to be an experience. So, become lost in that experience. Stay in the experience of the form that you have in your awareness: this is needed a lot more because an experience is never forgotten. Sometimes, you try to relate something through someone else's experience because experience has an impact. You keep yourself as an embodiment of the awareness of a particular form, so become lost in that experience. That experience helps a lot in your efforts too. BapDada saw that you are number wise in being authorities of experience. So, now, pay greater attention to the practice of being an authority of experience. The stage of being an embodiment of experience is always merged within and the face and activity of such a soul does service.

Today, BapDada was seeing the record of the children. Firstly, pay more attention to having volcanic yoga through which you will receive help in transforming your nature and sanskars. Even now, your sanskars, which you call your nature, do their own work every now and then. BapDada is otherwise pleased. With what? Do you know what BapDada is pleased with? BapDada saw that as you have been listening to the murlis, nowadays you are paying more attention to your timetable. Your attention has increased and the tension of your sanskars will continue to be reduced. BapDada also told you earlier that whenever there is tension - simply add an "A" and there will be attention. Everyone has to return. This is a firm promise. We will return together and we will rule together. Are all of you happy? Or, are you happy only sometimes?

Those of you who believe that you are always happy, not sometimes, but always - raise your hands after thinking carefully! Achcha. You are raising your hands after consideration. Happiness is something that belongs to you. Why should you lose something that belongs to you? So, what will you do now? You have to move forward. What shall we do now?

Is it possible for every centre to remain free from obstacles and free from waste thoughts? Is it possible?

Or, do you need time for this? Until now, BapDada has not received a report from any centre that their centre is constantly free from obstacles and their companions as well. Not just yourself - but your companions too. That time will also come. It will happen because it is you children who have to become this. There isn't anyone else as an example who has come at the end and will become an intense effort-maker and go ahead. It is all of you as the majority who have to go ahead. BapDada saw the majority of you have love for the murli. However, just as Jagadamba demonstrated in her practical life, whatever the Father says has to be done. She kept that aim and also paid attention to that effort. Your Didi and Dadis who have gone into the advance party also paid that attention and they are now waiting for you. They are all asking: When will the gates to completion open? It is not just one or two who are going to open the gates. So, now, make effort to bring the time close to open the gates. To become complete means to bring the time close. Achcha.

BapDada is giving love from His heart to all the children everywhere. Together with that, BapDada is also reminding all of you about the homework that He has given for two months. Why? Generally, these waste thoughts make your efforts ordinary instead of making them intense. Therefore, together with love and remembrance, BapDada is reminding all the children everywhere: now, the time of the confluence age is so beautiful and elevated! It is only at the confluence age that you receive all the treasures from the Father.

Every second of the confluence age is great. Therefore, always keep the value of the confluence age in your intellects. One second of the confluence age enables you to have so much attainment. What would you reply to someone who asks you: What have you received? There is nothing lacking in the hearts of us Brahmins. We have attained that which we wanted. Now, use that, become an intense effort-maker and bring time close. Achcha. BapDada is seeing that everyone has enthusiasm. So, constantly continue to increase this enthusiasm. Achcha.

It is the turn of Punjab to serve: Half of those in the hall are from Punjab. It is good. Those from Punjab have taken the opportunity to do service in Punjab very well and have increased the number of centres and students. One speciality of Punjab is that you have made very good effort to enable everyone to receive the message. You have also brought VIPs from there into contact and relationship and this is why BapDada is pleased with the serviceable children for the service of Punjab. Courage. The teachers also have courage.

Even teachers are too many in number. Now, Punjab will bring heir quality souls. Is this all right? Bring the examples. You claim the first number. Bring someone co-operative whose sound can put enthusiasm into many others. Prepare such heir- quality souls and bring them in front of the Father. You can bring them. It is not that it is difficult; it is easy. So, what will you do now? You will bring heirs, will you not?

Will you? The instrument teachers are good. You can do this. Now claim a number. First, Punjab should bring the heirs, and everyone will see this. Now, there are still some more meetings in this season, and so in this season, bring such a person that Punjab becomes number one. It is not a big deal. It is a matter of just creating a thought. You are good and the students are also good. BapDada saw that even the students have zeal and enthusiasm. Where there is zeal and enthusiasm, there is definitely going to be success. BapDada speaks of the lions of Punjab. Baba is pleased with the children who are the lions of Punjab. When you go back, make plans so that Punjab brings the number one heirs. There is a margin for this. It is good. You are able to fill yourselves with power in the chance that you receive. BapDada is pleased that each zone in turn alone becomes instrumental for all round service. You receive a chance and you also create your fortune. Until now, whichever zone does this service, BapDada has seen that mostly you make everyone content. Is that right? The report is good, is it not? It is good. BapDada is pleased. Achcha.

Meeting of the four Wings: (SpARC, Media, Sports and Religious). Achcha. All these four wings are very helpful for service. They are and can be because all the four Wings can bring many others into connection. For example, the Media Wing is there. Media Wing is now making very good plans to make the message reach every home. BapDada is pleased that you are doing everything while being co-operative with one another. You have moved forward and are moving forward. BapDada now wants the media to give the message: Now, according to the time, every soul should have the inspiration to claim an inheritance from their Father. People hear this, but Baba should now receive a list of how many heirs have emerged through the media. BapDada has heard that it has a good impact and that the number of students is increasing. However, now make a list of how many have emerged through the Media service at every centre and in every zone. In the same way, all the other Wings also have to make this list. Many have given a list today of those VIPs who have come into their connection. Baba has received that list, but now create a gathering and make them move forward by giving them zeal and enthusiasm. They do come into connection with you, but make such a programme that they also understand what they have to do in the future. They have heard this, but now, explain to them a little more clearly how they have to move forward. Also make a list of how many have been added from each Wing. Although they are added, you may not know. BapDada is congratulating those from all the Wings because each wing is trying to increase service and also makes very good plans for expansion. All four Wings are doing very good service because each Wing considers itself responsible. The wings also try very hard and this is why BapDada is pleased with them. Just as you are engaged in the task of the Wings with attention, in the same way, continue to move forward even more.

BapDada is congratulating you. You are moving forward; continue to move forward! BapDada is saying this to all four Wings. None of the wings is weak. You are all moving forward in your own ways. You must be paying attention to the homework that BapDada has given. Now prepare sensible VIPs that come in every Wing. Make a group of such sensible courageous ones from the different Wings who can all together make one thing clear. Definitely do this work. Those who are sitting at the front can do this work. You can give them courage. Now, the sound should emerge in a practical way of what the Brahma Kumaris want.

The service of the Platinum Jubilee has made the importance of the Brahma Kumaris very clear to everyone.

It is necessary and you can do it. You have come so far, and there is co-operation from all the Wings.
However, they should now understand that God has come. They have reached as far as the Brahma Kumaris. They have begun to understand that God has already come. When they hear this knowledge, they are intoxicated, but they are only just courageous enough to come onto the field. It will come; it has to come. They now have the courage to come. You will see that not a single programme will be dull (attended by only a few people). It will always be a success. Earlier they used to run away on hearing the name.

Now, they understand that the Brahma Kumaris do very good work and they do it systematically with the right method. Their attention has been drawn to this extent. BapDada saw the names of those from all four Wings, those who gave the names. There are very good souls in connection with you so bring them more in front now. Have a programme with them. Give them a plan of what they can do. The field is prepared and the fruit is now going to emerge and so BapDada is pleased. Baba is pleased with your effort.

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all four Wings! You are making very good effort.

Double foreigners and the main instrument brothers and sisters from abroad have come: The double foreigners have been given the title, "the Decoration of Madhuban". You bring splendour to Madhuban and you have made a good difference. BapDada is pleased to see both the effort and the transformation. Earlier, you used to ask "Why? Why?" and now you say, "Wah! Wah!" You have brought about a good change.

You now don't find anything difficult. You are ever-ready for anything, any discipline that is sent in the murlis as a direction from BapDada and you also give good co-operation. You are loving and also very good in your co-operation. BapDada is seeing the record and seeing that many good incognito co-operative souls have emerged. So, you also have big hearts. You are not those with small hearts. BapDada is pleased. Service everywhere is going along well. BapDada wants two things: Firstly, an increase in service and secondly for everyone to be free from obstacles. BapDada saw that there has been quite a change in both these things. BapDada likes it very much that all of those who have become instruments get together in Madhuban. Firstly, you become the decoration of Madhuban, and secondly, everyone comes to know from where each one has come and the transformation that you have brought about. Everyone listens to your experiences and that also has an impact. If those abroad can do it, why can't we do it? And so there is enthusiasm. Those from abroad should claim number one in what BapDada wants - in volcanic yoga because the foreigners have the sanskar of definitely completing whatever aim they have. Claim a number in two things: 1) Finishing all wastage and 2) Becoming free from obstacles in service. The whole family also has love for you. It is not just BapDada's love but the whole family has love for the double foreigners.

Now, those from abroad have to claim number one in both these things. Will you do this? It is not a big deal. BapDada also tours around abroad. Baba also tours around at amrit vela. Now, sit as an embodiment of experience. Pay more attention to this because the authority of experience is huge. You sit with a good aim, but the power that you receive in the morning should also have an impact on your karma yoga and the atmosphere of the centre - this little addition is required, but otherwise, BapDada is pleased. You do not lose courage. You remain courageous and you also encourage one another as you move along. The Father also helps. You are not those from abroad, but your original land is Paramdham. So, have good experiences of that and bring the time close. Take the initiative for this. We will demonstrate this by doing it first. We will show it by becoming the instruments for this. It is good. BapDada is pleased in any case. It is not that He is not pleased.

Everyone is pleased on seeing the teachers (double foreign teachers). You remain courageous, you enable others to remain courageous and make them move forward. BapDada loves the scene when all the special teachers get together. Everything becomes clear. You go back filled with zeal and enthusiasm. Seeing all of you, those of Bharat also receive zeal and enthusiasm and so they too do the same. It is good. BapDada is giving each jewel love from His heart and, together with that love, He is also giving your mind waves of zeal and enthusiasm. Achcha.

Have all of you taken love and remembrance for yourself or is it just those of the Wings and the double foreigners who have taken that? BapDada is seeing everyone. He casts His vision and so He gives love and remembrance through His vision. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time, stand up. You have come for the first time and so now perform wonders. What wonder should you perform? Make first number effort. Demonstrate that you are the ones who have come last and are going fast and will be first. It is possible. Such jewels are going to emerge and so you can show that. All of you have BapDada's help. Make intense effort! Do not make ordinary effort as coming, but make intense effort. You have to do this. You have to become this. You have to go ahead.

Have this determination and some such examples will definitely emerge. BapDada is pleased that you have reached here before time. You have at least claimed a right to your inheritance. Achcha. BapDada is pleased that you have come. Welcome! It was your season, and now demonstrate by going ahead of all.

Do not think that you have come last. You can go ahead. You will receive help from BapDada and the drama. It is good. Look how many have come! Half the class is of those who have come for the first time.

BapDada is pleased that you have at least recognised the Father and claimed a right to the inheritance!

Achcha. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all of you from BapDada and the whole family!

To Mohiniben: As there is a large gathering, there is enthusiasm because of that. Because of having that enthusiasm, you force yourself a little. Do not do that! Look after yourself! You have Baba's help. There is nothing to worry about. You will be fine. Take every step while considering your health. Remain carefree.

To Dadi Janki: You are refreshing everyone very well. You have to do that. (The One who is doing everything is making me do it.) That is there, of course, but you are doing it. You have to do that. It is fine.

You are playing your part well.

To Hansaben: This one is also playing her part well. Everyone is happy.

To Par Dadi: You too are an example. Seeing you, everyone remembers Father Brahma. You are OK.
You don't have any difficulties, do you? Continue to move along in this way. You are fine and will be fine.

To Rameshbhai: Everything is fine, but also keep your health good. Do not get caught up in anything too much because you have to do a lot of work in the future too. There isn't just the work of the studio. You have to do a lot more other work too and so pay attention to your health. (The Solar project is going on.) Can you not do something for the Solar project in the papers, as you do for other projects? There are many big firms who advertise things. There are many in connection who are not even aware of this. You can go to them because this is service, this is not for your eating and drinking. You are not asking anything for your food or accommodation. This is a means of serving. Try this with those with whom you have a connection.

Nirwairbhai related that the kitchen is also nearing completion. It will happen.

To all three senior brothers: Consider it to be your responsibility. Discuss this among yourselves and if someone's advice is going to make some difference, then clarify everything among yourselves, come to some conclusion and all of you together put it to the Dadis. Consider this to be your responsibility.

(What aim should we keep for service in the meeting?) For service, now let there be the difference that others should invite you. There are many people whom you have served and they can do this. Now, they should give you the stage and you just go there and do service. You have done a lot on your own stage and the result has been good. Now, try changing this a little.

(Is Media the only means of enabling the message to reach every home?) That can only be done through the Media. Let it be legal. You have taken the TV channel and are doing so much in that. What is the result of that? (Half the number of brothers and sisters that come have come through the TV.) That is good and everyone should know about what is happening. Otherwise they think: We don't know what is happening. There should be news of that. Everyone should know the result. There will then be zeal and enthusiasm. Otherwise, you will not come to know. You will just be moving along. (Brijmohanbhai asked about revealing the God of the Gita.) You have been given that work, have you not? First of all, get together four or five such ones who are special and well-known to some extent. Four to five such souls can emerge. First of all, prepare them and have a meeting with them and ask them what they believe. Make them instruments and ask them how it is possible to do what we want. There are four or five now. Also look after your health.

Speaking to the senior sisters from abroad: It is good that you take enthusiasm from one another. Pay a little attention to everyone and everything becomes fine. Tour around or send someone else. Continue to have someone tour around and everyone will have enthusiasm and will move forward. The news that you are free from obstacles is good. All of you do get together but, when you do this, share good news with everyone. For example, tell them of the place where there are eight centres which are moving along together very well, and that is good, is it not? You have courage, do you not? Give this news to everyone.

Sister Gayatri sent flowers and the whole family has sent their remembrance: There are two to four families who are very lucky. Like that one who is not well (Sister Wajeeha). She may have come last but is going fast. Some such good ones have emerged. It is good. Look, all of you are from India, all of you belong to India. You are the heads, are you not?

* * * * O M S H A N T I * * * *