31-12-2010         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Together with bidding farewell to the old year, bid farewell to the old sanskars and have the determined thought to remain free from obstacles. Be merciful and a master bestower and give support to unhappy and peaceless souls by serving through your mind.

Today, BapDada has come from the subtle region to the corporeal world to give greetings and congratulations for the New Year and the New World to all the children everywhere. All the children have reached their home of Madhuban with love. People of the world simply celebrate the New Year, which is just for one day, whereas you constantly continue to celebrate the confluence of the new world. You have the new world constantly merged in your eyes in front of you. You now remember it and just reach there. It is merged in your eyes, is it not? You experience being at the confluence age; today you are at the confluence age and tomorrow you will enter your kingdom. You are able to see it clearly in your eyes.

People of the world give greetings to one another for one day, whereas BapDada has given you the golden world as a gift, which is going to last a long time. It is merged in your eyes in such a way that you can arrive there in a second. The golden world is merged in your eyes in front of all of you. You can reach there in one second, can you not? Today you are at the confluence age and tomorrow you will rule the kingdom with a right.

Now, according to the time, you know that the devotees of you ancestors are calling out to you because they are unhappy and peaceless. Can you hear the sounds of how they are calling out with sorrow and peacelessness? "Give us peace! Give us happiness! Give us joy!" Can you hear their sound? "Give!

Give!" Now, you souls, as children of the merciful and benefactor Bestower, have to serve souls with your mind and carry out the task of giving. BapDada feels a lot of mercy for those unhappy and peaceless souls.

You also feel mercy, do you not? (BapDada coughed). Today, Father Brahma's cough has come back.

You also feel mercy for souls, do you not? Now, in this coming year - because today the New Year is coming and the old year is going - what plan did you make for the year that has gone? The year will go, but, together with the year, what did you bid farewell to? Just as the year will bid farewell, in the same way, what will you bid farewell to in your life? And, with what new thing will you fill it? Will you bid farewell for all time or for a short time? BapDada has given you the signal that, whatever old sanskars still remain, you have to see and know those sanskars with your mind and definitely finish them. BapDada sees that these old sanskars are obstacles to your efforts. On the one hand, children say that Baba is their world and so from where do the old sanskars come? Since the Father is your world and the old sanskars create obstacles in your efforts, they should be finished, should they not? At amrit vela, when all of you have a heart-to-heart conversation, the Father has seen that all of you give your chart in saying that, even until now, it is your old sanskars that make you slack in your effort. So, today, when bidding farewell to the year, can you also bid farewell to those sanskars? Can you bid farewell? Raise your hands! You will have to bid them farewell. It is very easy to raise your hands, but raise the hands of your minds. You are raising them.

You are raising your hands to say farewell to old sanskars for all time. Raise your hands again! Achcha.

The majority of you children raised your hands and pleased BapDada. BapDada is pleased that you are children who have courage. Where there is courage, BapDada's constant co-operation is there. Now that you have raised your hands, every small and big place of the Father's has become free from obstacles, have they not? The reason for the result that BapDada received is the old sanskars. So, today, you have finished the sanskars in thought, that is, you have received the blessing of being free from obstacles. Have you received it? Did you take the blessing? You receive the fruit of courage, do you not? You have received BapDada's blessing that when there is one step of the children's courage, there will definitely be many steps of the Father's help. So, from today, remember the thought: that you have handed over your old sanskars. If they come back to you, what will you do? What will you do? You cannot keep with you what you have already handed over because, once you have given it, it is no longer yours. So, since they are not yours, how can you keep them with you? You gave them to the Father. Of course you would give them to the Father, would you not? Is it firm that you have given them? Are you sure? Now raise both your hands! Sure?

Those sitting at the back are also raising their hands.

BapDada is pleased that, while living in the iron age, you experience in the confluence age the attainments you have received from the Father. It is the iron age for the world, whereas it is the confluence age for you, that is, it is the age for all attainments. You have the practical experience of having all the Godly attainments, all powers, all virtues and all the treasures of knowledge that you have attained. So, today, what is BapDada giving from His heart to all the children who have raised their hands, whether they are personally sitting here or sitting far away in this land or abroad and listening to Baba? He is giving congratulations, but, together with congratulations, He is placing His hand on the forehead of everyone.

You and BapDada are dancing in your mind: Wah children! Wah! Now, even you are dancing in your mind. Say "Ha ji!"

Now, teachers, just be careful! All the teachers, raise your hands! There are teachers from abroad too.

Hearing the determined thought of each of you children, BapDada is pleased that the aim that the children keep, the same as that of the Father, of becoming complete and perfect, that the determined thought of remaining free from obstacles will bring the time of completion close. BapDada is also pleased that all of you children will fulfil the thought that you have had, and that you will serve with your mind those who are unhappy and peaceless in the world and that you will give them one support or another because BapDada cannot bear to hear the calling out and crying out in distress of the children. They are all part of your family, are they not? Sorrow and peacelessness are increasing a lot, and so, now, become merciful. Also have this thought at the same time: while walking and moving around, and at amrit vela, you will definitely serve souls with your mind. Can you have this thought? When you had the thought of finishing your sanskars for all time, you had the thought for all the time, did you not? It is not just for a short time, is it? Just as you will finish your sanskars and become equal to the Father, in the same way, become master bestowers, children of the Bestower, and definitely serve them with your mind. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to serve through your mind? Raise your hands if you are going to do service through the mind at the same time! Throughout the day, whatever time you have, definitely serve through the mind in that period because it is you children who have to bring about the world of happiness. The Father has made you children into right hands for this service. You give with your hands, do you not? So, you are the Father's right hands.

So, BapDada wants to give you right hands, through His hands, this service of definitely continuing to give something or other. They are crying out, "Give! Give!", and you have to give happiness to those who are unhappy. Give some strength to those who are distressed and do some charitable work. Now, you children know yourselves, you know the Father, you have claimed a right to your inheritance, and so make others the same because everyone now wants liberation. You will send everyone into liberation and, with the Father's blessing, you will claim a right to the kingdom. This is why the Father is giving every child this thought: May you be free from obstacles! May you be a server! The children who belong to the Father are experiencing the pleasure of the confluence-aged Brahmin life and will continue to experience it. Those who consider themselves to have a right to the Father's inheritance - whether they are new or old - who continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy and who have had a thought for the future of being victorious over their sanskars, have those souls become the handful out of multimillions? Or, have they become the few out of the lucky handful? The daughter Janak said: Look at the rosary of 108 and the rosary of 16,000. Those of you who feel that you will definitely come into the rosary of 16,000 or 108, raise your hands! New ones are also raising their hands. Congratulations. There are those who are victorious by having faith in the intellect. BapDada also knows that those who have faith in the intellect are able to go ahead and they will. Achcha, you are sitting here in front of Baba.

Those who have come here for the first time, raise your hands. BapDada is congratulating all of you on behalf of everyone. Every day at amrit vela constantly continue to revise the faith that you have. Achcha.

BapDada is pleased to see you children because you have claimed a right to your inheritance before the "too late" time came. This is why BapDada is congratulating you on behalf of all the family that has come here and those who are staying at their centres. Now, perform a wonder. Do you have this courage? Should Baba speak? Do you have courage? Remain free from obstacles in advance. Be number one in your faith and intoxication. BapDada is pleased that the old ones are old, but that the new ones will show wonders in a short time. Achcha.

Now, whether you are old or new, BapDada is giving all of you the task of a second. Now, are all of you able to remove yourselves from all other thoughts and stabilise yourselves in the form of a point in one second? Will you do this? In one second: I am a point and no other thoughts. I am a point. Those who stabilised themselves in the stage of a point in one second, raise your hands! You did this in one second?

Achcha. Now, practise this for 15 days! Throughout the day, put a full stop in one second at every hour.

Each one of you has to practise this and, while in that atmosphere, while engaged in activity, check whether you were successful in stabilising yourself in the form of a point in a second while living at your own places.

Here, you have the help of the atmosphere, but check whether you are able to stabilise in the form of a point in one second. Practise this because BapDada has told you that the more you progress, the more you will need this practice of being able to stabilise yourself in the stage of a point in a second. Therefore, check yourself and write your report and give it to your teacher. Then, through the teachers, whether they are here or not - this is the homework for all the classes - when BapDada receives the result, He will see whether you are worthy to come in the rosary of 108 or 16,000. In your daily timetable, it will be seen how successful you are in stabilising in a second and it will be seen from this which rosary you are worthy of. If BapDada were to ask you to raise your hands now, then whoever feels that, according to your practical dharna, you will come into the rosary of 108 or 16,000, just write your result. Then Baba will understand from that because, even if the Dadis were to give the names of some, others would feel: I too can come in that, can I not? Therefore, everything will be known through this report.

BapDada is asking: Are you constantly able to experience in a second the form that you want? In a second?

The five forms that you were told about, are you able to become that form in a second whenever you want?

Practise this and know for yourself whether you are able to remain in the stage that you want in a second or whether it takes time. BapDada is pleased that, in raising your hands, the majority of you raised your hands.

You have raised your hands now, but while practising this, it will be like the practice of the copper and iron ages where it has become natural to come into body consciousness. In the same way, it should be just as easy for you to stabilise yourself in whichever form you want, because such a time is to come in which you will need this practice. So each one of you has to continue with this practice while engaged in your work and continue to give your result to your instrument teachers. So, continue to practise this until the completion of the year. Do it by yourself. Become your own teacher! However, if you continue to give your chart in to show your result, your attention will be drawn. You are able to place your hand wherever you want, are you not? Experience this in the same way. Similarly, you should be able to make your mind stay in the stage that you want. The memorial is the great mantra of "Manmanabhav." Experience for yourself how much success you have in performing the drill of the mind.

BapDada wants each child to become experienced in the happiness of the confluence age, the attainments of the confluence age and all other attainments. Check yourself: Have I become experienced in every attainment, every power, every secret of knowledge, every method of yoga and every type of inculcation?

Continue to check yourself in every way and continue to move ahead of all. So, today, BapDada is asking you to check your way of checking and your attainment. If you are lacking in any attainment, then according to the drama and the time, those are the tests you will have and this is why you have to check yourself in order to become complete and perfect in every subject and change yourself.

Today, in your ordinary form, BapDada is seeing your future form and your form of attainments. Achcha.

To all the long-lost and now-found beloved children from everywhere, those who are seated on BapDada's heart-throne, to those who are obedient to BapDada and who follow every instruction of BapDada, to the intense effort-making children, lots and lots of love and remembrance from BapDada's heart.

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. BapDada is also pleased to see the children: Wah! Wah!

Wah! Wah! My children! Wah!

It is the turn of Indore Zone to serve: All the residents of Indore are engaged in service and remembrance.

BapDada is pleased that each one is moving forward in experiencing their efforts and attainment and will continue to move forward. You have good courage and therefore, where there is courage, you receive both the fruit of courage and the power of courage. Now, for the future, BapDada wants each zone to move forward in service, to create a stage that is free from obstacles and make intense effort; you are loved by the Father and you will be loved by the Father in the future, too, and will continue to move forward. It is good.

The speciality of Indore is that you have a good connection with the Government. Make those who are instruments working for the Government and in connection with you co-operative in service. You have a good connection. Make them do service. Make them companions for such tasks through which they will create an impact on people through their co-operation. Make them your companions in service. They have a desire, but now make them move forward. Make them belong to you and make them feel at home. They can come, but yes, there is a large number of people. Those from Indore who have come for the first time, raise your hands! Those from Indore, raise your hands high! It is good. Each zone is achieving success in their own service and will continue to do so. BapDada is pleased to see each child. You are moving forward and will continue to do so.

Jurist Wing: It is good. The Jurist Wing is doing its work and will continue to do it in the future. It is good. BapDada gave a signal to the Jurist Wing previously too, to find some jurists who can create a group to prove that it can only be the Supreme Soul who is the God of the Gita. Create such a group. The religious group had been asked to do that and so they made a little effort. In the same way, the Jurist Wing should also prepare such a group to prove who the God of the Gita is. This is possible, is it not? Is it possible? Now, these two things should be revealed very well to the world: 1) The God of the Gita. 2) God is not omnipresent. These two things should become gradually well known. It is now well known in the world that only the Brahma Kumaris can in fact bring about peace of mind and remove the confusion in the mind through meditation. Now, those who have become peaceless in the mind have gradually begun to understand that the Brahma Kumaris have a good method for this. This is gradually becoming well known.

In the same way, these two things should become well known by those who have authority. If one or two people become satisfied in this and very freely say that this is something that has to be understood, then this would gradually continue to spread. People say of the lectures given by the Brahma Kumaris that they are specific and to the point. They come to listen to you and have begun to understand too. However, the main thing is that this sound should now spread. These are the two special things. It can be proved from these who is teaching you. So, make such effort that it proves that there is some authority who is teaching you.

However, it is good otherwise. From the time that these wings were created, each of them has taken up their responsibility of service very well. Each wing is engaged in serving their own wing. This is why BapDada is giving love from His heart to those who are instruments for this service: Constantly continue to move forward. Continue to make new plans to reveal the Father. Achcha.

To the double-foreign brothers and sisters: Special love and remembrance from BapDada to the double- foreigners. BapDada has seen that you are progressing in an incognito way in service very well. This is why BapDada feels that love for the Father and the importance of knowledge is increasing in the heart of each of the children. This is why the foreign children are progressing very well. In your efforts too, day by day, you are moving forward more than before. This is why BapDada is giving you love from His heart and putting courage into your hearts and making you move forward. BapDada is content. There is progress in service and you will continue to do that in the future too. BapDada is seeing that there is good expansion in the service that the children are doing everywhere. What are you going to do now? Just as each one of you is moving forward in your effort and in service, in the same way, move forward in the subject of remembrance and continue to have deeper experiences. You are playing the part of karma yogis very well and, in that too, you have to increase the pilgrimage of remembrance even more. In the subject of remembrance, increase having powerful experiences a little more. Encourage one another in this and claim number one. The result of expansion is good. Your attention has been drawn to the fact that you have to draw the attention of those near you. This is why BapDada is congratulating all the children from abroad for this.

Double-foreign children's retreat: Lots and lots of love and remembrance to all the children. (Little children sang a song.) You have good zeal and enthusiasm. Now, when you go back, do more service and increase both your happiness and yoga. It is good.

Youth Retreat: It is good that the Government also wants to see transformation of the Youth. So, those of the Youth, you have to create such a group. You can also mix in those from India, but show this speciality: Although sorrow is increasing in the world, happiness is increasing in us through Shiv Baba. Purity is increasing. No matter what happens, you are moving forward in the thought that you had to remain righteous and spread righteousness in the world. You are also talking to others about your life and making them righteous, the same as yourselves. Seeing this, the Government is pleased to know that you kumar Youth have created a good life for yourself and will continue to do so in the future too. So, now, the impact of the Youth is gradually reaching the Government. You are demonstrating doing what the world has not been able to do. Continue to demonstrate this and spread the sound. It is good. BapDada is pleased to see how elevated the Youth Group can make their future. You are moving forward. Continue to move forward and inspire others to do so too.

Kumaris of the Indore Hostel: The Kumaris from Indore have progressed well. You are also helpers in the centre. BapDada is pleased to see how you kumaris have saved yourselves and how you also give your companionship to others and give them zeal and enthusiasm day by day. This is why the kumaris are an example in front of the world. Continue to make others the same as yourselves. Continue to make yourselves instruments for service. Seeing your good progress, others also have enthusiasm. Baba also likes this. You are good. Continue to make others good and continue to move forward.

To the Dadis: (Together with the old year, everyone will also transform their weaknesses and shortcomings.) Now, we shall see that not even the slightest trace remains. Everyone should feel that this one has completely changed. Everyone wants to see this.

To Par Dadi: This one is always smiling. Even though you may be in bed, you are smiling very well.

Everyone should continue to smile in the same way. Your health is fine. You know how to look after yourself. This one also knows how to conduct herself. You have good courage. You have spiritual courage.

(A studio is to be opened in Manmohini complex. Rameshbhai showed BapDada plans for that.) It has been done well. You can start it but you will have to look after it well. All are with you. It will happen.

Achcha, today the New Year is beginning and so all the places - Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar, Pandav Bhavan, all the residents of Shantivan - BapDada is giving everyone special love and remembrance because those who live near here are making themselves constantly move forward through service. You have to continue to do that because people who come from outside to experience the bliss and happiness in the atmosphere here feel that those who are staying in this atmosphere are very fortunate! BapDada wants each child to give everyone happiness and receive happiness, like the Father. Anyone who wants to can take a lot of benefit from the atmosphere here. So, today, BapDada is seeing the fortunate children who are staying here and is pleased with how they are using the fortune that they have received and how they will continue to move forward. BapDada is pleased to see all the children - those who are servers and those who are surrendered - and so wah children! Wah! Always keeping the fortune you have received in front of you, continue to swing in supersensuous joy and also inspire others to swing. BapDada is proud of each one's fortune. It is not a common thing. According to the drama, to receive this fortune in your life is a huge attainment in itself.

BapDada wants to see each child in his flying stage. You are flying, but move ahead even more in the flying stage and also make others, your companions, move forward. BapDada is giving congratulations for the New Year personally by name to each one.

VIPs from Hyderabad: BapDada has seen that this group that has come is a fortunate group. You experienced the flying stage as soon as you came. You are not those who are moving along slowly; you are those who are flying high. You have come with your fortune. Very good. You have reached your home.

You have reached your family. You have the fortune of the previous cycle. You have now claimed your fortune of the previous cycle. It is good. Now, make Hyderabad such that BapDada can give the example that if you want to see VIP service, then see it in Hyderabad. Achcha.

Greetings to all the children from BapDada for the New Year Congratulations to everyone for the New Year. Throughout the year, remain free from obstacles and happy.

Through your activity and your face, teach everyone how to remain happy and how to smile. Constantly fly and make others fly. Do not walk, but fly. Everyone loves the flying stage. Therefore, give the message while flying. Seeing you, everyone should begin to swing in the swing of happiness. Happy, happy, happy New Year.

* O M S H A N T I *